Ogallala couple receives new car courtesy of MPCC

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - Jodie and Brian Schilz, of Ogallala, were at Mid Plains Community College today to pick up their prize from the 2018 North Platte Car Raffle.

The car, a 1932 Ford Roadster, was built by MPCC students, through the auto restoration program.

When she first learned her raffle ticket was a winner, Jodie Schilz' first thought was 'wow.'

"It still is wow. It's still unbelievable but exciting. They did such a wonderful job I just can't get over how nice it is. And it's my favorite color," Jodie Schilz said.

The project took two years to complete, and the build for next years raffle is already underway.

This year was the 14th annual giveaway, and Jodie and Brian Schilz typically enter into the raffle.

"We know it helps support the school so we've always bought tickets, not thinking we'd ever win," Jodie Schilz said.

Ricks Polk, an MPCC student, said seeing the finished product, and how happy the winners were upon receiving the car, was a rewarding end to the project.

"Coming and doing something completely different and seeing the product go out the door with a happy customer is a real win and very exciting," Polk said.

The build for this year's raffle was done a little differently than in years past.

"A lot of time we pick a car and rebuild it completely from the chassis. This one came basically as parts and we assembled it, so a little bit of a different project for us," Polk said.

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