Organization helping girls in need looks to help Nebraska

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A non-profit organization is hoping to come to Nebraska and lift up girl’s spirits and help those in need.

Sam Sisahti created Believe in Yourself two years ago. It is an organization who works with various after school groups, Boys and Girls Club and Big Brothers Big Sisters to give dresses out to girls in need.

Sisahti was a founder and CEO for a women’s online retail company and would give away sample dresses to celebrities all the time. He got to thinking and realized they already have enough clothes. So one day he gave out some dresses and didn’t tell the kids or adults who he was but they were appreciative of it.

“There were a lot of them that said they never had a new item,” said Sisahti.

This spurred the organization and since its inception they have worked with 6,000 kids in 26 states and want to make Nebraska 27th. Overall, they want to hit all 50 states and by the end of 2019 help 10,000 kids.

It’s pretty easy to sign up. Just go to to register, from there they will give you one free dress. The organization will work with you to set goals based upon what you want to achieve in life.

Sisahti gave the example of wanting to be a professional basketball player then a goal to create during the school year would be making the varsity team. Once a goal is achieved, the organization will give you two more dresses.

They will also work on getting mentors and speakers out to the various locations to talk to the kids. In fact, Sisahti was excited to say a lot of people in Nebraska have already reached out to them wanting to tell their story of overcoming adversity.

The organization hits three to four different cities within the state and will look at adding boys clothes hopefully by the end of this year.