Panhandle Research Feedlot demonstrates sugar beet chopping

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. The Nebraska Panhandle Research Feedlot demonstrated sugar beets being chopped up into a pile using a loader bucket.

Dairy industries in the western regions of the state have found sugar beets to be a profitable energy source to raise. Sugar beets are being used in a trial to check and see if they will show improvement with a cow’s performance. The trial contained chopped sugar beets with straw in a bucket for the cow’s consumption.

“I feel like having a little more information on where we can use sugar beets when we can’t sell them for human consumption helps the sugar beet grower a little bit,” said Karla Jenkins, Cow Calf Specialist at UNL. “It gives the man extra market for the part that they don’t get to sell for what they intended.”

Researched shows that using sugar beets to replace corn worked just as similar.

“It helps the beef cattle producers because it gives them a little more option of what they can feed cattle and possibly, that will come available to them even cheaper than some regular commodity they are typically using,” stated Jenkins.

Research in the dairy industry has reported increased milk production from feeding sugar beets to the cows.