Petition to potentially save Kimball’s Shopko

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KIMBALL, Neb. In December, Shopko announced the closure of 39 stores all across the United States.

With the closure impacting the location in Kimball, residents came together to sign a petition to possibly keep it open.

“At least people care enough to try and save something they want because there isn’t that many places nearby,” explained Emerald Garcia, Kimball Resident.

The petition located on has received 1,395 names as of Thursday. The goal is to receive 1,500 signatures.

Garcia says you should always fight for what you believe in.

“I’d say so because one person can’t make a change but if a group of people tried, they are more than likely to succeed,” explained Garcia.

Liquation sales for the store began in December. At this moment, everything in the store is 50% off.

Garcia says that she believes the petition will make an impact but only sign it if you believe it is the right thing to do.

“If you know that other people can benefit from it being here, then I’d say it’s worth it,” said Garcia. “If you don’t think it’s worth it, then don’t try to go with it because everybody else is. If you definitely think it should stay, then you kind of agree with why others think that too. Then I say go for it.”

If the petition fails and Shopko was to close their doors, residents say that there should be a new store opening to resemble what they are losing.

“I think they should bring something back at least similar to it because that’s the only place to get televisions, headphones and stuff like that,” explained Garcia. “There is Dollar General but they don’t have televisions and other things that you could possibly want.”

Shopko in Kimball will be closing its doors at the end of February.