Pony Express Ride travels across the state to end the stigma

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. - (KNEP) - Eagle Riders are taking letters to the Governor during their 12th annual Pony Express Ride to raise awareness on mental health.

Stan Bills will partake in his 12th and last ride across the state which kicked off Wednesday at the Cirrus House and will end Saturday at the State Capitol.

Twelve years ago Bills was at a meeting inside Region One where they were discussing the opportunity of getting letters out to the state government and raise awareness on mental health. They wanted to incorporate motorcycles. This happened to be the first year the Eage Riders got together and so the two found a likely match.

Bills said one year they had enough letters that one was placed on each senator’s desk at the state capitol. The Governor has stopped by in the past to collect letters as well.

The letters are pre-written; which Bills admits he wrote this years. But, he stated the best ones are the ones that come from children. Sometimes they are just drawings and pictures but those seem to be the most impactful.

Bills appreciates all the riders who take part on their own time and is going to miss the family that he has come to know and ride with.

The letters are expected to arrive at the capitol Saturday afternoon.