Pony Express riders traveling across the Panhandle

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PANHANDLE, Neb. Traveling by horseback is no easy task but a group of volunteers are bringing the Pony Express back to life.

So far, they have traveled through Big Springs and Chappell. They are expected to be in Sidney around 8:20am. Once they leave there, they will head to Bridgeport. (Brian Sherrod, KNEP)

They started their morning traveling through Big Springs around 2:30am, Chappell around 6:00am and on their way to Sidney and expected to be there by 8:20am.

Once they leave Sidney, they will travel to Mud Springs and hopes to be there by 10:30am, Bridgeport by 12:00pm, Chimney Rock by 1:15pm, the Scotts Bluff National Monument by 4:00pm and Lyman by 6:00pm.

The Scotts Bluff National Monument is also hosting a program around 2:00pm.