Preparing for potential bad weather

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. With the prediction of a bad storm approaching, Region 22 Emergency Management wants to remind the public with instructions on what to do.

During this snow emergency, they want to keep people off the streets and have emergency routes in place while they do potential plowing.

They are asking residents to park their cars off the street to prevent damages from plows while removing as much snow as possible.

“They have to plow around or they have to wait until we can get a tow truck to come and get them,” said Tim Newman, Director of Emergency Management with Region 22. “The snow emergency means that if they don’t remove their vehicles in a timely manner, we will have to tow them and get them out of the way.”

Newman tells residents to take this potential storm seriously.

It is better to be prepared than to not be at all.

“If we get less or it’s not as big a problem, then we are still prepared,” said Newman. “I would rather be more prepared for something that doesn’t happen than less prepared for something that does.”

With last month’s storm, Newman says a large majority of residents followed the warnings. Here is a reminder of what they are.

“They did head the warnings and listened to our advice,” said Newman. “They stayed off the roads, they stayed at home, they did supply themselves and they bought out all the grocery stores. That to me means that they were listening.”

Newman says not to travel unless necessary and be prepared to stay home for a couple of days if it is bad.