Promoting safety and wellness in your lifestyle and workplace

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GERING, Neb. To promote the efforts of healthy living, the 2019 Safety and Wellness Conference and Trade Show has made its way to the Gering Civic Center.

This conference discusses safety, wellness culture, risk management and engagement. It brings critical national information for everyone to attend. (Brian Sherrod, KNEP)

Attendees will learn about safety, wellness culture, risk management and engagement.

The conference starts with Keynote Speaker Scott Shellstrom discussing Unleashing Your Inner Davinci.

The Nebraska Safety Council will provide an OSHA update, Panhandle Public Health District Dispelling Wellness Fads and Trends and Panhandle Partnership Rejuvenate, Reflect and Refresh.

For interactive purposes, there is a Blender Bike, Distracted Driving Simulation and representatives from each organization you can speak with.

The closing keynote speech from Scott Shellstrom will discuss Breaking Brainstorm.

The goal is to bring national conferences to the area for everyone to attend to receive this critical information.

“We are in a time where wellness is needed and chronic diseases are on the rise,” said Jessica Davies, Assistant Health Director. “There is a lot of safety concerns and we want to be able to keep our workforce out here in the Panhandle safer and well.”

These health risks impacts all ages.

Davies states that people should think long-term when it comes to healthy lifestyles.

“People are trying to always find that quick fix,” said Davies. “Those 30 day things are very quick things. We are trying to continue to give those messages of ways to be healthy and to be well. We need to make sure that it is a lifestyle that is being reinforced and a culture at your organization that supports those healthy habits.”

The conference will last until 3:30pm.