Promoting safety from intruders with lockdown/lockout drills

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GERING, Neb. At Lincoln Elementary, they went through a lockdown/lockout drill. Don’t worry! It was not an emergency but training them for when there is one.

Gering Public Schools runs this lockdown/lockout drill four times a year.

They used the ALICE training which stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate.

Teachers and staff were trained to make sure they are out of sight, all of their doors are locked with cords or even a chair on the door handle and barricaded the entrance.

Students are trained not to talk, speak or joke around.

School Resource Officer Robert Gleim says to always treat these situations as they are real.

“If you are messing around, if you are not taking the drill serious when the drill does come or when the actual time does come, you are going to tend not to be as prepared as you should be,” said Robert Gleim, School Resource Officer for Gering Public Schools.

Many may confuse the difference between a lockdown drill and a lockout drill.

Lockouts are used to protect students from threats outside of the building while a lockdown is used to protect students from danger within.

Once it was over, they discuss what was right and wrong so in a serious instance, students, faculty, staff and even substitutes will be ready.