Providing therapeutic activities for local special needs children

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GERING, Neb. Buckboard Therapeutic Riding Academy partnered with Goshen County Schools to provide therapeutic activities for local children with special needs.

23 students have six stations to choose from to work on special, physical, mental and fine motor skills.

At the first station, students made picture frames from their picture that was taken on the back of a horse. They colored and wrote on the pictures.

At the second station was an educational stand. Students made treats for the horses. It focused on their concentration and patience.

At the third station, students learn how to braid lead ropes. The ropes are donated to the Buckboard Horses. It works on their motor skills and concentration. The ropes are blue and yellow for Buckboard’s colors.

At the fourth station, students rode horseback for therapy riding. It focused on their motor skills and balance.

At the fifth station, students learn to rope from Dean Gorsuch. It focused on their hand coordination, concentration and muscles.

At the sixth and last station, students worked with Craig Chadwinkle to groom his horse Dolly.

Founder Kathy Gatch says that it is important to find activities for local special needs children.

“It’s important to us to meet the needs of the special needs children,” said Kathy Gatch, Founder. “This area has quite a few special needs children that can benefit from our program. With Goshen County coming down, we are so close to their area that we can also extend our services to the schools up there.”

If your school or program is interested in therapeutic rides, you can contact the Buckboard Therapeutic Riding Academy at (308) 783-2319.