Reflecting and learning from a horrific rollover accident

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. - (KNEP) - One of the individuals involved in a horrific rollover accident reflects while understanding the lessons learned from it.

The car rolled several times on County Road C all five inside were taken to the hospital (Source Jordan Emrick)

Jordan Emrick stated they were celebrating one of the individual’s 22nd birthday. Emrick’s birthday just happened to be a few days later. They began in Minatare and almost immediately the driver began accelerating and driving erratically.

Conversations were had in the car and pleas for the driver were made to have him slow down and stop. Emrick stated he was sitting in the front passenger seat and asked for the driver to slow down. In the moments leading up to the crash, Emrick stated he got the sudden urge to think if he wanted to live or die. He looked at his girlfriend Hannah, who was in the backseat, and the two buckled up before impact.

After the car stopped rolling, Emrick came to and saw Hannah was upside down but her seatbelt saved her. Emrick crawled out of the sunroof and called 911. He didn’t have much battery left on his phone and continued to tell the person on the other line they needed help. When the individual asked where they were, that’s when the phone died.

Unknown if anyone would come by to rescue them, he attended to his girlfriend. Paramedics did arrive and all five were taken to the hospital.

Emrick received the least amount of injuries and was allowed to leave that night. The accident occurred around midnight with his mom and sister coming to the hospital somewhere around 2:30am.

He is extremely grateful and blessed that he didn’t lose anyone especially his girlfriend. Emrick is also saddened and apologizes to the community because something like this shouldn’t have happened.

The biggest thing he tells himself is the world deserves the best of him. He lost a cousin a similar way about three or four years ago. When that happened, he added his family came closer and told the younger generations it could happen to anyone. Emrick adds though you don’t expect it to happen to you.

Looking back on things, Emrick realizes you have to live life for the future. Every decision you make has to include some thought process about the future. He believes so many get caught up in the now. He thinks people fear losing out on the fun or sharing that story with someone. Emrick realizes now life is a marathon.

He and Hannah have grown closer from all of this as well. He believes he was the link that connected it all. He is friends with the driver and she is his girlfriend.

“It’s scary that I potentially put someone in that position,” said Emrick.

Moving forward in a positive direction, Emrick doesn’t want this experience to be a crutch but more a learning experience for him and his life. He is also hoping this teaches others to learn from the unfortunate events of another person.