Riverside Discovery Zoo: Lil Explorer's Program

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb (KNEP) The Riverside Discovery Zoo in Scottsbluff hosts a 'Lil Explorer's" program for children every Wednesday morning.

Children and parents dive into the hands-on learning experiences offered at the Riverside Discovery Zoo every Wednesday morning. ( source: KNEP)

The program teaches something new each time you and your little one attend. Your child will learn everything from the animals and critters in nature.

The children recently learned about worms and were able to do hands-on experiences by holding, touching and even recreating their patterns that help replenish our soil.

Alexandra Mason the zoo's curator says, "Just come on in! We have so much fun and there's always something new that the children are learning. We do a ton of arts and crafts. Like today, we did painting to show a worms segments in the ground."

Educating kids at a younger age helps them better understand the world we live in, especially when you give them a hands-on experience, such as what the Riverside Discovery Zoo offers.

There is a fee to attend. For members the cost is eight dollars and for non-members the cost is twelve dollars. This fee gets you into the program but also grants you access to the entire zoo.
The zoo also offers deals to help lower the cost for each session with their season passes, which you can apply for at any time.