Scotts Bluff County Democrats collecting supplies for Standing Rock protesters

Harsh winter weather in Standing Rock protest site
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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. The Scotts Bluff County Democrats are asking for the community’s help in providing supplies for pipeline protesters in Standing Rock.

Supplies are being collected in Scottsbluff and Alliance, they will be taken up to North Dakota by supporters who are making the trip from Alliance in mid-December.

Chair of the Scotts Bluff County Democrats, Stan Kontogiannis says, “It’s the right thing to do.”

“It’s the human thing to do in regards to territorial integrity, it’s the right thing to do in regards to respecting the rights of the Native Americans,” said Kontogiannis.

He says the pipeline protest is similar to the wastewater fracking issue in Western Nebraska.

“We started the same argument, this is very parallel, and this is like an eminent domain situation all over again,” Kontogiannis added.
With the harsh winter in North Dakota, protesters are in need of supplies.

“Blankets, sleeping bags, non-perishable items, canned goods, waters of course, because as you know North Dakota has extreme winter weather,” said Kontogiannis.

Thousands of veterans plan on joining protesters this weekend against the Dakota pipeline.

According to Kontogiannis, “They truly understand, they fought for our freedoms and this is one of our freedoms, the freedom to demonstrate, the freedom of speech, so they get it.”

Those who help protesters could face challenges or get fined, but Kontogiannis says they’re not scared.

“We’re not against economic prosperity, we’re not against the North Dakota pipeline for trying to do a job, but we want them to do it correctly, we want them to do it ethically, and we want them to stop using brutal force, because that already tells us they are in the wrong,” he added.

Those who cannot donate supplies can still contribute, monetary donations are also being accepted. Donations can be dropped off to 1906 Broadway in Scottsbluff. The deadline to drop off donations is Sunday, December 11.