Scotts Bluff County in need of federal help to cover blizzard damages

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb (KNEP) Scotts Bluff County Management Accountant Lisa Rein said the county doesn’t have enough money in the budget to repair the damage from the March blizzard that wrecked rural roads. The County is working with Nebraska Emergency Management Association to get the appropriate assistance from FEMA.

Scotts Bluff County is responsible for 810 miles of dirt roads. Many of those roads were blocked by heavy snow, which later turned into thick heavy mud. The hardened roads are in need of resurfacing and gravel. To gravel all of the roads will cost the county over a million dollars.

The County had to reach out to staffing companies to fill shifts and employees worked overtime in March. Those bills haven’t come in yet. Rein says Scotts Bluff County has a great team and “we’re being very watchful and keeping an eye on the budget and working within it to repair the areas in the worst conditions." Rein said some that come to mind are south of Gering, and in the northwest part of the county.

One thing that can really help prove how much damage is in the area is photographs of the damage. Scotts Bluff County is working closely with Nebraska Emergency Management, getting ready to apply for FEMA funding. President Trump signed a declaration, adding Scotts Bluff County to a list of other Nebraska counties that are eligible for some kind of disaster relief. Rein said that funding is probably months out, considering that our roads are in need of repair, whereas others are needing to be completely rebuilt.