Scottsbluff Fire and Rural Fire close to mutual aid agreement

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. - (KNEP) - City of Scottsbluff Fire Department and Scottsbluff Rural Fire Department are a step closer a mutual aid agreement.

Scottsbluff Fire and Rural Fire are working on a mutual aid agreement for structural fires (Source KNEP)

On Monday, the Scottsbluff City Council approved the adoption of a mutual aid agreement that would include an automatic dispatch of the two agencies to structural fires within their jurisdictions. The agreement now goes to the Rural Fire Board who will vote on the 16th.

If passed, Scottsbluff Fire Chief Tom Schingle states this will create more resources going out simultaneously. He believes it’s better to call off resources if not needed rather than have to call for them once on scene.

The fire chief adds they have a similar agreement with the Gering Fire Department and so far they are seeing benefits and hope to see similar outcomes with this agreement. While partnering up, the move will add more man power and more resources on-scene while making situations safer.

Chief Schingle details this move will also allow for the use of water tenders that Rural Fire has that the city doesn’t and the city’s ladder tower that rural doesn’t have.

Right now, the agreement would just be for structural fires but Schingle stated there is language in it that more emergencies can be added upon agreeance from both fire chiefs.

If passed by Rural Fire, the contract would be good for a year with an automatic renewal unless either party puts in writing they want to end the contract.