Scottsbluff Firefighter Association asks public for unopened boxes of masks

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. The Scottsbluff Professional Fire Fighters Local 1454 organization is asking the public’s help to obtain unopened boxes of N95 and surgical masks.

Scottsbluff Professional Fire Fighters Local 1454

The Scottsbluff Firefighters are on the front lines of treating this virus and needs this resource to protect themselves and others.

As of right now, each firefighter only has one N95 and one surgical mask.

This is not ideal since each of these masks are a single use item being used more than once.

“If we have firefighters start getting sick, it changes how we can serve the citizens of Scottsbluff,” said Chris Gabis, President. “Our main concern is keeping our guys healthy and our families healthy in order to provide the best services we can for our citizens.”

The N95 mask is the higher end use. These masks are the ones that are usually seen at construction sites. These are traditionally wore during scenarios like this one. It goes over the nose and mouth with its round shape and curve.

The surgical masks are the ones usually seen in hospitals. It is a square piece of paper that hooks over the ears.

If you have a box of unopened masks, you can either contact them through Facebook on their Scottsbluff Professional Firefighter’s Local 1454 page, call them at (308) 630-6231 or email Chris Gabis at