Scottsbluff High Junior receives perfect ACT score

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. - (KNEP)- Scottsbluff High School Junior Katherine Reisig is recognized for getting a perfect score on the ACT test.

Reisig took the exam back in March which tests students in English, math, reading and science. Scores are given in a scale of 1-36. Reisig said that she felt good about the test but was very much surprised she got a perfect score.

“I thought I did well, I was thinking I would have a solid 34,” explained Reisig.

Her and her family found out about the perfect score last week. She was brought into the conference room inside the main office and was a little nervous at first. She added when they pulled her out of class and then seeing everyone in the room, she instantly thought the worst.

The school gave her the weekend to tell whoever she wanted and to enjoy the moment. She complimented her parents for her upbringing and not pressuring her to be perfect.

“My family gave me unwavering support and no matter if I got a 2 on the test they would have been proud of me no matter what,” said Reisig.

Her mom stated that surprisingly enough Katherine wasn’t always like this and in Elementary school, her teachers designed separate programs for her. Her dad couldn’t be more proud of her and said they are a family that reads and continues to learn.

Reisig admits she didn’t do a lot of prep for the ACT. The test was on a Tuesday and the Friday before she felt she should probably take a look at some of the prep material. She mainly focused on English and reading comprehension.

She has another year at Scottsbluff High School but is interested in going to MIT or Carnegie Mellon University. Reisig wants to do something in STEM but also wants to remain herself which includes the arts. She currently sings in show choir and is a member of the school band.