Scottsbluff Man Arrested on Charges of Third Degree Sexual Assault of a Child

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb - (KNEP) - A Scottsbluff man is under arrest after a forensic interview reveals a sexual assault of a minor.

According to court records, the victim went to her mother crying and told her she was sitting on the couch when Logan Trigg allegedly sat on top of her and inappropriately touched her.

The mother of the victim then contacted her fiancé and stated his nephew had inappropriately touched the victim. After hearing the news, the fiancé contacted the police before heading to the house.

Officers contacted the mother who told police what the victim stated and said she was concerned about Logan tickling the victim the last few days.

The victim was interviewed at Capstone where officers heard Logan touched the victim in appropriately but thought it was an accident. The affidavit further reads the victim was lying face down on the couch when Logan sat on the victim and began to tickle her legs and began inappropriately touching her.

Trigg told officers, he and the victim tickle and tease each other. He further stated he sat on her but denied the allegations the victim accused of him of.

Trigg was arrested on charges of 3rd degree sexual assault of a child.