Scottsbluff Resident Lends A Helping Hand After Blizzard

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb (KNEP) Last weekend’s blizzard brought numerous power outages, travel-halting snowfall and a lot of cleanup to do.

Marcy Larà, local Scottsbluff Resident is offering help after weekend snowstorm (source; KNEP)

As many stayed inside watching the storm progress on Saturday, Scottsbluff resident Marcy Larà took to the streets and began shoveling. “It was getting bad, really bad. It was very cold. I wanted to help. I try my best to do what’s good.” Larà explains.

When the storm was over Marcy and her family helped many who were stuck on the icy roads, at one point getting stuck themselves. “Usually the people that clean the roads they don’t clean them right.” she explains and adds that even those who don’t drive get stuck too. Lara, who does all her travel by foot says this is a big problem, especially in a snow emergency.

Marcy hopes to bring awareness on bettering the cleanup process in the community but brings a larger message when she explains to us that her good deeds don’t typically get noticed.

“Some people don’t like me. They look at me and only see tattoos - they don’t see I am here to help.” She explains that despite the occasional judgments, she smiled through the cold and continued her efforts, where she was met with more positive feedback as the hours piled up.

Over ten hours in the harsh conditions, feeling confident she could help more people, Marcy took to Facebook putting an advertisement to outreach her helping hand. Marcy and her family are linking arms, bringing shovels and their best community-helping-foot forward for anyone in need of help.

If you or anyone you know are needing assistance in snow cleanup, Marcy’s link can be found here: