Second arrest is made after investigation into car accident

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SCOTTS BLUFF COUNTY, Neb. - (KNEP) - A second arrest has been made stemming from a single vehicle rollover accident that occurred on County Road C in August.

Zachery Adams and Elysabeth Dally are facing charges after investigation into an August car accident (Source Scotts Bluff County Detention Center)

The August 17th accident saw three individuals including Zachery Adams and Elysabeth Dally ejected from the vehicle. According to the affidavit, officers began combing through the scene of the accident and located several open containers of alcohol, a digital scale in the glove box with a residue that later test positive for cocaine and two boxes of 7mm rifle ammunition.

A search of Adams and Dally’s apartment in the 700 block of 4th street in Minatare revealed shooting rests, three spent 7mm cartridges and a receipt for the ammo. The affidavit stated the ammo was purchased with Dally’s debit card.

Court documents go on to detail officers questioned each individual involved in the accident about a rifle. Dally stated the rifle belonged to her and that she kept it in the trunk of the car which was involved in the accident. She also told officers Adams didn’t know about the rifle.

The affidavit revealed others who were in the car said they were at the couple’s apartment before driving out on County Road C. Jordan Emrick told officers Adams wanted to go shooting in the country but Emrick told him that was a bad idea especially because Adams was on probation. Emrick also told officers that when they left the apartment Dally placed the rifle into the trunk. The affidavit goes on to report that after the accident Emrick told Adams that if he had the rifle that he needed to hide it because Emrick called for help.

Court documents reveal when Hannah Delcamp was interviewed, she told officers she saw boxes of ammunition on the bed inside the couple’s apartment and a firearm near the closet. She also told officers Dally told her to check out ‘their’ gun.

During the investigation, the affidavit reports Adams and Dally were seen on surveillance video looking at a Ruger 7mm rifle on June 23rd. The video also shows Adams holding the rifle before leaving without purchasing the firearm. Less than two hours later, Morgan Lee and Trevor Adams walked into that same store to purchase the Ruger 7mm rifle. Surveillance video shows Adams and Dally walking in moments later to meet up with Lee and Adams.

The affidavit reveals Lee purchased the firearm and all four walked out. When officers got in contact with Lee, she stated she purchased the weapon for hunting purposes but didn’t like it and sold it to Dally for $500. Lee produced a bill proving the sale to Dally was made.

Officers went back to Dally and asked her about this sale to which she stated she did purchase it from Lee but Adams didn’t know about it. The affidavit later states Dally first told officers that even though she was capable of purchasing a firearm herself, she had Lee do it because Lee is more experienced. Moments later when the officer continued to pry as to when the purchase occurred after leaving the store, Dally stated Lee purchased it for her and it happened on the same day. The affidavit also stated the officer asked if Adams was present while Dally purchased the rifle to which she said yes. A receipt of the transfer to Dally was found inside the vehicle. It was written on an envelope that was addressed to Adams.

Dally has since been arrested on charges of aiding and abetting a prohibited person in possession of a firearm, accessory to felony and possession of a controlled substance. She is currently held in Scotts Bluff County Detention Center on 10% of $350,000.

Adams recently pleaded not guilty to his five charges stemming from the accident and will be in court on November 19th for a pretrial hearing with a scheduled District Court jury trial set for December 2nd.