Seven hallucinating students cause lockdown at Wash. middle school after ingesting tabs

WAPATO, Wash. (KIMA/CNN) - Teachers at a middle school in Washington are keeping a close eye on their students after seven had to be removed from school on Wednesday.

A close look at the tabs that seven students at a Washington middle school ingested before hallucinating and causing a lockdown. (Source: Wapato School District, KIMA via CNN)

Those students took an unknown substance and started to act like they were on drugs, causing a lockdown at Wapato Middle School.

Four kids needed to go to a hospital.

“They told us that we were in a real lockdown, and we had to hide and they just told us after what happened," said a student at the school.

Many in the surrounding community are concerned.

“Very scary, very scary. I’m glad I don’t have kids in school. You don’t hear a lot of it, but I think it happens more often than not,” Sharron Winterholler said.

School district leaders are trying to figure out how the kids got their hands on these drugs. Many people in the community said it’s a heartbreaking situation that is more common than you think.

“Something’s wrong. Something happened in the school and it makes my heart hurt," Shari Miller said.

School leaders have not confirmed what exactly the kids took, but they did find tabs with an image of a person riding a bicycle printed on it.
Teachers are aggressively looking for these tabs.

The school did host an assembly to remind students of the dangers of taking drugs.

While the school continues its investigation, it is working with the families of the students involved to offer support services, if needed.

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