Sidney man leads officers on a chase before caught on a DUI

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SIDNEY, Neb. - (KNEP) - A Sidney officer de-escalates a would-be dangerous situation as a man admits to wielding a shotgun while under the influence.

According to court documents, officers received a welfare check call on Trent Glanz on Monday in Sidney. When the officer arrived at the house, the garage door was open but no one was home.

This same officer received communication that Glanz was driving around recklessly with a loaded shotgun. Another call came in that a truck was following Glanz. A second officer who was in the vicinity became involved in the chase of Glanz in a white car.

When officers noticed the truck heading south onto 20th avenue they began to follow, it wasn’t until the two patrol cars got to the crossing at 19th avenue that they saw a white car heading in the opposite direction. Glanz ran into the side of the second patrol car which was later towed from the scene. The officer inside was okay.

The officer who originally responded to the welfare call was able to capture Glanz who drove back to his house. Once outside the car, the officer saw Glanz with a shotgun pointed at the ground. Calls for him to drop the weapon went to no avail at first. It wasn’t until after multiple attempts when Glanz leaned the shotgun against the open garage door.

The officer ejected a single unfired round and began walking towards Glanz when he smelled alcohol. Glanz apologized and stated he had five beers. A breath test was performed which produced a reading of 0.12.

Glanz is facing three charges including leaving the scene of an accident, a DUI (first offense) and assault of an officer using a motor vehicle.