Submitting reports of drones, Nebraska State Patrol request

Please submit sightings of four or more drones to the Nebraska Information Analysis Center, per the Nebraska State Patrol. (SOURCE: Chet Rosner, McCook).
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Nebraska (KNOP) - The Nebraska State Patrol and the task force investigating the drone sightings would like all reports of sightings to be directed to the Nebraska Information Analysis Center.
***People are being asked to ONLY report sightings of clusters of FOUR OR MORE drones.
***Pay close attention to details like lights, movement patters, and shape or model of drone.
***If possible, take or obtain any video of the objects and e-mail to

***NAIC is also interested to know the flight behavior (did they fly straight, move side to side, up/down, back/forth, in a grid-pattern, over what area). Try to keep track of how long you observed the drones.

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