Sugar beet production behind due to wet spring

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. - (KNEP) - A local agriculturist at Western Sugar says their production is a little behind due to the wet spring the Panhandle has seen.
Branden Hessler said they won’t know where exactly the sugar beet crop is until they run some samples on July 15th but most growers were about two weeks behind on planting.
He stated the last two years have been wet but Hessler has heard from other agriculturists who haven’t seen many like this.
With that said, not much of the crop has gone in and Hessler believes they are about one full growth stage behind where they were last year. They are hoping that it will even out with a good summer and potentially a late fall. If the samples come back and show they are behind they could ultimately delay their early harvest.
Because there wasn’t much planted to start, Hessler stated not much was lost due to freeze damage. He estimated about 500 acres from his growers.
Luckily for the factory, their growers in Colorado, Montana and Wyoming aren’t as far behind which is making things a bit easier for them.