Supermarkets see uptick in patrons ahead of the storm

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. - (KNEP) - Multiple supermarkets saw a wave of patrons on Monday and Tuesday ahead of this week’s storm.

Main Street Market Store Manager Eric King said they saw more people in the last two days than what they would normally see on a given day. Many are buying bread, milk and lunch meat as well as other items to ensure they are ready for the storm.

King mentioned the store prepared for this wave of people ahead of time by contacting their suppliers for additional products. He also called in more staff members to help restock the shelves faster and cash people out quicker.

The one main item King believes everyone should be grabbing when they go out is water. Many people in the panhandle run off well water. King added, with no power there is no well and no well means no water.

Workers at Safeway described Monday as being busier than they were during the holiday season. Today their parking lot was filled with cars as many raced out to get what they needed before staying in during the storm.