Teachers; shop locally for your classroom supplies

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. As school starts began this week across the Panhandle, teachers are still purchasing notebooks, pens and classroom décor to get the school year started.

As teachers spent money locally to buy their items, the money is used to fund roads, parks, recreation and salaries. (Brian Sherrod, KNEP)

As teachers purchase these items, it’s important to shop locally.

Every time you purchase an item, the money spent in the area stays in the area.

When you leave the area to purchase supplies, the money spent does not support the area.

“It’s our tax money that pays for infrastructure here in Scottsbluff,” said Nancy Dillman, Owner of TC & More. “It includes roads, parks, recreation and salaries. We have to be able to keep our doors open.”

When it comes to shopping locally, local stores have to compete with online shopping and the younger generation not stepping foot in stores.

“It’s very important that you can shop local to keep businesses open and stay off the internet,” said Dillman.

TC & More is one of two educational shops within the State of Nebraska.

Dillman says she receives customers from Colorado, Wyoming and even North Platte.