The Easter City gears up for pageant on Palm Sunday

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CURTIS, Neb. (KNOP) - Curtis has been home to the Easter Pageant, a living picture show of the Passion of the Christ, for 59 years.

Members from many different churches in the small town of 800 group together every palm Sunday to bring the miraculous event to life.

17 different scenes play out Jesus' journey from the cross to the grave, and from the grave to the sky.

Community members of all ages comprise the cast of biblical figures and the choir. From fundraising to serving the rehearsal dinner, it truly takes a village to put the pageant on.

President of the Pageant Rochelle Rittgarn said it's a great thing that ties the town together.

"It goes through everything that Jesus went through and it brings the meaning of Easter and hits home. We have children in our scenes all the way up to adults that have been in it since they were children," said Rittgarn.

Crowds are drawn from all over the area to view the spectacle. Some have even traveled from other countries to see it.

The pageant will begin at 3 pm this Palm Sunday at Medicine Valley High School in Curtis. It is free to attend but free will donations to keep the pageant going are accepted.

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