The Tri-City Roadrunner is up and ready to go

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. A new way to ride around town has just become available in the Panhandle. The Tri City Roadrunner is the new available transit that can guide you to your destination around the city of Scottsbluff, Gering and Terrytown.

“Today is what we in the transit world say ‘Go Live’ which means after all of the planning, the financial support and all the partnership, we finally rolled our buses out of the garage today at 6:30 this morning and today was the day, we were able to kick off the service for this community which is incredible,” said Corinne Donahue, Senior Project Manager.

Catching a ride with the transit is actually pretty simple.

“There are schedules around town like Walmart, Target and all major places,” explained Shari Hinze, Scotts Bluff County Public Transit Manager. “You can get a hold of a schedule and that will show you where your closest bus stop is to you. You just go to the bus stop, look at the times on the schedules, be at that bus stop and we will get you.”

If you have somewhere to be, the transit service can help get you there.

“If there is a bus stop there, we will be there every hour, Monday through Friday from 6:30 in the morning to 6:30 at night,” explained Donahue.

Once you get on the Tri City Roadrunner, it is a two dollar fee but one of the benefits is if you are a college student, you can ride for absolutely free.

“We have five dollar daily passes or $45 dollar monthly passes which you can ride for the full month,” said Hinze.

With the Tri City Roadrunner including over 130 bus stops around town, wherever you need to go, they can get you there.

You can find the times and locations of the transit on their Facebook page at Tri City Roadrunner or on their website at