The plan to grow Nebraska’s population and address tax issues

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ALLIANCE, Neb. Representatives from Blueprint Nebraska and the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce traveled to Alliance to discuss how to better the state of Nebraska.

Their plan is to grow Nebraska's population, better unite communities across the state, address tax issues within government and provide higher productivity within the growth sectors. (Brian Sherrod, KNEP)

With their business plan, they were able to knock it down into four main categories; people, place, government and growth sectors.

With people, they want to grow the population and develop workforce for the next generation.

With places, they want to better unite communities across the state.

With government, they want to address the tax issues in state and make the state as a whole more attractive.

With growth sectors, they want high productivity and to embrace technology more especially in the Ag sector.

“We do want to make certain this is a statewide solution,” said Jim Smith, Executive Director for Blueprint Nebraska. “Unifying our places not only logistically helps with roadways and transportation but also with technology.”

Within the business market, their biggest issue involves workforce, property and income taxes.

Their solution to the problem involves growing the state’s population and economy.

“I grew up in Gordon and Gering so I am very aware of the quality of life and advantages that Nebraska has over other places,” said Bryan Slone, President of the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry. “We need to start marketing and selling that. Success for Nebraska will be attracting 25 to 35 to 45 years olds to start their careers, continue their careers and build businesses right here in Nebraska.”

Blueprint Nebraska and Nebraska Chamber of Commerce travels to 34 communities across the state to not only provide their plan but receive feedback from the communities.