The public gets involved with restoration of Alliance Sunken Gardens

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ALLIANCE, Neb. For the Alliance Pillars in the Park project, a public meeting about the project was held on July 25th with initial planning for restoration of the Alliance Sunken Gardens.

The community of Alliance would like to make the pillars visible at night, have a plan in place for potential flooding and make it ADA accessible. (Brian Sherrod, KNEP)

The City of Alliance has hired Baker & Associates to assist with this project.

30 people were in attendance to discuss what they would like to see with this project.

The group wants to retain some of the historic elements in the park including the rows of pillars and trellises, the stairs and walkways with the stone walls.

They would like to use this space for weddings, small concerts and other outdoor gatherings and space in the park should be accommodated to make extra room when necessary.

They also want to add lighting of the pillars so that they are visible at night.

They would like to have a specific garden for butterflies, wildlife and edible plants and add educational opportunities to learn about native plants of the area.

With the location of the garden, they want to evaluate the potential of area flooding and how it would be drained.

They want to add ADA accessibility with a west entrance ramp.

The current plan is for the project planning and design to progress through the fall and winter with bidding and construction slated for late spring or early summer of 2020.