Tips to mentally prepare parents and kids to go back to school

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. - (KNEP) - ESU 13 provides some tips to help parents and children get ready for the upcoming school year.

How to mentally prepare parents and children while they head back to school (Source KNEP)

According to Dr. Katherine Carrizales the human brain reacts to change like it would react to any fear. It isn’t until the brain feels things are safe that the anxiety subsides.

To alleviate any stress, Dr. Carrizales states parents can talk to their kids about the routine they will set before and after school. Parents can also get things like backpacks, books and lunch the night before.

The idea is to be as prepared as possible. Another step parents can take is setting an earlier bedtime. Dr. Carrizales states something like this should probably start a month before school starts but that doesn’t mean a parent can’t start now.

Another way to prepare is by taking advantage of school tours that are set either the night before the first day or the week before. This will allow parents to see the school, find out where their child’s classroom is and who their teacher is.

Instead of practicing homework, Dr. Carrizales adds parents should discuss a routine of how and when their child should get their homework done. An example includes doing it right after school while grabbing a snack.

She adds children feed off the energy their parents are giving so be sure you remain positive and upbeat. Creating a tradition during this time of year, whether it be making a special breakfast on the first day, can also excite kids to head back to school.

If a parent is feeling down about seeing their child go back to school after spending so much time with them over the summer, Dr. Carrizales suggests intentionally building time in to connect.