Top Super Bowl 2018 trends

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It's Super Bowl Sunday! Super Bowl LII will take place at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN this evening when the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots battle it out for the Lombardi Trophy.

But before the game, many people are often curious about several aspects of the big game. Below are some of the top Super Bowl 2018 trends, according to Google Trends.

The Eagles were the most searched team in the week leading up to the game, but in Lancaster County, the Patriots searches slightly outnumbered Eagles-related searches. You can check which team had more searches in your county HERE.

People also search for Super Bowl party foods. In Nebraska, Cream Cheese Jalapeno Hamburger was the most searched Super Bowl recipe. You can see the most searched recipe in other states HERE.

Other top Super Bowl questions over the past week include:

  • What time is the Super Bowl on Sunday?

  • What network is the Super Bowl on?

  • How to watch the Super Bowl online

  • How to stream the Super Bowl 2018

  • Who is in the halftime show for the Super Bowl?

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