Traveling on the new Alliance air carrier

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ALLIANCE, Neb. Alliance Municipal Airport was rewarded Denver Air Connections through a bid as their new air carrier starting June 1st.

The new air carrier is a twin-engine Metroliner that can seat up to nine people comfortably and adds additional leg room.

“The availability of more seats is important because we are just flying here and you are not having to share seats with another community,” explained Wade Goetz, Director of Business Development. “It’s going to afford a lot more families to travel together versus having families travel on two or three different flights.”

The addition of Denver Air Connections provides more reliability and capacity.

“Reliability and the capacity for luggage is important,” said Lynn Placek, Airport Director. “I know that Boutique tried hard but there were a lot of times that we had issues with baggage being left or left in Denver.”

The air carrier will provide two flights a day Monday through Friday and one flight on Saturdays and Sundays.

They will have two pilots on each flight and the aircraft will be based at the airport.

Placek says the long-term goal is to reach 10,000 passengers but for right now, she would like to see a continuous increase.

There are many incentives with flying through this airline.

The first two bags you bring on the plane are free, parking is free and the flight itself is only 40 minutes.

TSA asks the public to come an hour before your flight.

The official grand opening is June 1st.