Two Air Link aircrafts provide life-saving services

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. The goal; saving a patient’s life. The Regional West Air Link services provides two aircrafts to arrange medical and severe patients with faster transport, further distances and functions efficiently during inclement weather.

“You’ve heard about the golden hour,” said Peter Meyer, MD, Air Link Medical Director. “You have a time limit after a severe accident where your body compensates for a certain period of time and then that compensation goes away.”

With the introduction of the Pilatus PC12, it adds increased versatility for transporting patients faster, further and during inclement weather. This fixed wing aircraft has a wide range of advanced storm detection and avoidance equipment. The plane provides more space and seating options.

“If we were flying a pediatric patient and a baby and the child and the mom wanted to go, if we deem that it’s safe for the mom to go, we can accommodate that,” explained Tracy Meyer, RN, BSN, CFRN, NPR, CMTE, Air Link Chief Flight Nurse. “We have more room.”

With the Bell 407GX, it provides a glass cockpit; multifunctional television screen-like displays with autopilot to provide great situational awareness and safety for enhanced mission performance. The helicopter provides everything to be in arms reach and staff can even work on a patient while they are belted.

“If we were going to the scene of accident beside a highway, we have the luxury of landing right here on the scene,” said Tracy Meyer.
Both sets of aircrafts include the same equipment; a breathing machine, IV pumps and a monitor. The helicopter averages 400 flights a year and the plane has 153 flights as of last November.

“With addition of having a fixed wing plane and a helicopter, we can transport you to a life-saving center in the shortest amount of time,” explained Peter Meyer. “It saves lives.”

Air link provides 11 nurses, six paramedics and a Medical Director. Their service area includes five states; Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota, Kansas and Colorado.