Two Sent to Regional West Following Gering Car Crash

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GERING, Neb (KNEP) Around four-thirty this evening, Gering Police and Fire responded to a two vehicle collision along S and 11th Street.

Two are sent to Regional West Hospital following a car crash along S and 11th Streets. (source:KNEP/Emily Pike)

The cause of the accident is unknown at this time but appears to be failure to stop at the stop sign. Two females, an adult and a child were taken to Regional West Hospital by valley ambulance with injuries. The extent of their injuries are unknown at this time.

The driver of the red car was issued a citation at the scene.
We spoke to Sergeant James Jackson of the Gering Police Department and this is what he had to say...

“There was a vehicle that was northbound on Eleventh Street and it was struck by a vehicle coming eastbound on S Street and the vehicle on S Street ran the stop sign and collided with the vehicle. The people who were on 11th street, going north, two of those people were injured and sent to the hospital."

There is no further information to provide at the moment, but we will update if more information is made available.