Two local shelters dispute over ownership of 10 month old bloodhound

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. A question that is waiting for an answer; who owns the dog? The dispute is between High Plains Paw in Sidney and the Panhandle Humane Society in Scottsbluff over Clyde, a 10 month old liver and red bloodhound dog.

Clyde was a rescue from the Midland Animal Services in Midland, Texas. Clyde made his arrival to High Plains Paw in Sidney and the very next day, adopted to his new owner in Scottsbluff. The owner’s dogs were having issues so the adopter considered giving Clyde to her neighbors. That action would go against the shelter’s contract.

“We require all animals be returned to our organization if they do not work out with the adopter,” explained Sybil Prosser, President and Director for High Plains Paw.

During Clyde’s interaction with the neighbors, Clyde got loose. He was picked up by the Scottsbluff Police Department, considered to be a stray, and dropped off at the Panhandle Humane Society. According to Director Amy Bartholomew, Clyde had outdated microchip information, was held for the required three days at the shelter and went unclaimed. The information of Clyde’s potential adoption was posted on the Panhandle Humane Society’s Facebook page where President and Director of High Plains Paw Sybil Prosser saw the post and contacted them 25 minutes afterwards. Sybil has provided all paperwork, microchip and vetting information to NBC Nebraska and the shelter to claim Clyde back where she said her request was refused.

“The only argument of who is the owner of this should be between High Plains Paw and the adopter,” said Prosser. “The one person who is not involved in that discussion is the Panhandle Humane Society because both the adopter and our organization have vetting records on this dog. We have all of the proof of ownership and the microchip is in our name.”

Bartholomew says Clyde was promptly fostered to a great home with an outside party who filled out an approved dog adoption application. The next step Prosser is looking to take is litigation.