UNK delays Greek housing plan by one year

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KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) - The plan to move UNK fraternities and sororities out of their houses has been put on hold for another school year as conversations continue on how to make it all work.

UNK officials said making repairs to current Greek housing would cost $32 million. A working group is planned to work out logistical issues associated with the eventual evacuation of those buildings.

“As we thought through it and got deeper into those conversations it just made a lot of sense to take a step back, listen a little more, and make sure everything that needs to be in line is in line,” Senior Communications and Marketing Director Todd Gottula said.

Gottula said there has been a lot of frustrations over the decision to move the Greek life students all to one building. But due to degrading buildings they say it has to be done. The current buildings are past their lifespan and there are several internal issues coming up.

“We have a lot of infrastructure and mechanical issues in URN and URS, the resident halls where Greek life stays,” Gottula said. “As we got in to there, we had some damage last year with the sorority with some flooding and as we got in and looked at those issues we realized they were more widespread than we thought.”

Students now will move into the newest dorm, Nester Hall, in the fall of 2021. Gottula said they are working closely with the greek life students on what they need to make the building work. One of the main issues is the possibility of sharing kitchens and the need for meeting spaces.

There will also be the task of relocating the students currently in the Nester Hall to other dorm buildings. Gottula said that is another big reason why they have put off the move for another year. Those students will most likely be directed to the other newer and similar dorm adjacent to it.

The old Greek housing will be torn down after the students move out.