Uncertainty looms in Kimball as Shopko set to close in February

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KIMBALL, Neb. - (KNEP) Uncertainty looms in Kimball as Shopko announces the closer of the city’s store effective the end of February.

Jacquie Prather, general manager of the store, says the store was notified on December 4th that it would be one of 39 stores the company is closing. The store will begin a liquidation process on Friday and will close somewhere between February 28th and March 2nd.

Employees are still awaiting further instruction from the company which is expected to include a final packet and emails.

The corporate offices state the company looked at all of their stores as a whole including its sales trends. A representative declined to go into detail on the finances pertaining to the company or the store in Kimball.
City Administrator Dan Dean says they were notified yesterday and had a meeting to discuss alternatives to help fill the space. Dean adds he himself shops at the store and always sees others from around the community inside.

Dean also adds, it was the only store of its kind in the area that held all your needs in one roof. It is too hard to tell the impact the city will receive in regards to sales tax from the loss of the store, but Dean mentions he also sees out-of-towners there due to the close proximity to the highway.

Dean worked in Colorado in the same capacity and says in his experience it could take a few months or it could take year for a rural community to get something into the vacant building.