Update: New information regarding last Friday's shooting in Gering

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GERING, Neb. - (KNEP) - New information is coming out regarding the shooting that happened on Friday morning.

According to court records, 24-year-old Joshua Kautz answered the door of his house in the 1900 block of 3rd Avenue when he was shot in the lower-right abdomen with a suspected 9 millimeter. He was found on a reclining chair by police with an exit wound in his lower right back.

Records also show a witness told police they saw two males wearing dark colored clothes who were at the door asking, “Where is the money?” After the shooting, the witness heard the two men rattling what appeared to be the sound of a safe.

Records also state, Issac Palomo, who lives in the house, has a safe in his bedroom. Palomo told officers he went to work at 11:45 the night before and got out when he received a call regarding the shooting.

After Palomo gave officers the code to the safe, police found $3,420 in cash along with 25 grams of cocaine, 9mm handgun, a .45 handgun, an AR-15, a shotgun and a 9mm rifle.

Officers took Palomo in for questioning and began asking him questions about the shooting. He says he doesn’t know of anyone who want to shoot Kautz. He later told police the cocaine is his but he doesn’t sell it. He has it for personal use.

Calls to the hospital on the condition of Kautz went to no avail as Regional West is unable to disclose any information.