Vehicles running bus stop signs a continued problem

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. Vehicles running through school bus stop signs while they are stopping to let kids off continue to be an issue in many areas of the Panhandle.

“People not stopping for the stop arms on the bus; that would be my biggest concern,” said Captain Tony Straub, Scottsbluff Police Department.

As the bus is preparing to stop to pick up or let out students, the yellow light is the signal to start slowing down and even stopping.

“The second the yellow light comes on, they need to start slowing down under 25 miles per hour,” explained Captain Straub. “That’s telling them there is going to be a stop coming up.”

Once the bus is at a complete stop, the red light follows. Once the bus stops, you also stop.

“The red lights mean they need to stop especially when the stop arm starts coming on,” said Captain Straub. “They can’t go again until that’s been retracked and those red lights have been turned off.”

Recently in Maryland, Florida and even Mississippi, students have been rushed to the hospital and even killed because drivers failed to stop when students were getting off of the bus. It may not happen here often but it can.

“It could happen anywhere and does happen,” said Captain Straub. “Nebraska fatalities are up this year for pedestrians. It can happen anywhere you know. We are fortunate that we haven’t had any serious instances here but it’s a matter of paying attention and looking out for pedestrians yourself.”

For anyone who fails to follow the law, it starts off at a $500 fine. If you witness anyone, make sure to get their license plate and inform law enforcement immediately.