Veterans receive gifts off their Christmas lists

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. Veterans have risked their lives everyday serving our country so E & H Certified Public Accountants and Management Consultants partnered with the community to get the veterans the Christmas gifts they always wanted.

101 veterans displayed faces of delight as they were given bagged gifts of candy, clothing and much more for the holiday.

For the E & H CPA organizers, they said they are honored to give back to the people who fought for us.

“That’s probably the fun part about doing this every year,” said Troy Hilyard, Partner and Shareholder for E & H Certified Public Accountants and Management Consultants. “It’s showing up here and giving the presents away to the residents. We enjoy that and that’s probably the best part of it.”

For over eighteen years, the veterans have thanked the community for thinking of them during the winter holidays.