Voting, the official count has not yet been completed.

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. (KNEP) The day after elections, the Scotts Bluff election office reported that the machines were working fine. Officials stated that write-ins were slowing down the process. Which happened in many local elections.

As of today, the County Clerk’s Office reports 87 provisional ballots remain to be counted. Officials say the counting machine is gummed up, creating a stall in the counting process.

The race for city council had three openings. Jordan Colwell was the incumbent candidate for Scottsbluff city council. As of election night he would not retain his seat, but those numbers aren’t final yet.

“Scotts Bluff County had one of the lowest voter turnouts in this last election, and we're having difficulties with machines,” Said Colwell. “I would hate to see what would happen if we'd be over 50% of voter turnout.”

He's trailing by nineteen votes. With provisional ballots still waiting for verification, the numbers are not confirmed. The tallying votes could easily shift the current numbers. The standstill may have caused people to think that the counting has finished.

Colwell hasn’t given up, but is aware that anything could happen. “I’ve served 4 years on the council already. This is my home, this is my community, so the uncertainty is something that is kind of hard being a planner myself with my work and personal life.”

The official canvassing period hasn't ended, so officials still have time to count and verify votes. After the polls close, the elections office has 30 days to turn in validated numbers to the secretary of state.