WNCC showing positive construction changes

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. Western Nebraska Community College is beginning to show significant design changes on their campus in a positive light.

So far, Samson Construction has completed the structural steel placement with a lot of the framing.

They are working to waterproof the building with getting the glass and curtain walls in place.

The next step is finishing the exterior and closing off the rest of the building.

For President Dr. Todd Holcomb, the college is beginning to look how he envisioned it would.

“The changes are dramatic and I think our students and our constituents in the Panhandle are really going to enjoy this facility and everything it has to offer,” explained Dr. Todd Holcomb, President for Western Nebraska Community College.

Superintendent for Samson Construction Brian Anderson says since he joined the project, he has his favorite area that he cannot wait to complete.

“The library area,” said Brian Anderson, Superintendent for Samson Construction. “Once it’s finished, you are going to have very dramatic views of the Wildcat Hills and Scottsbluff itself overlooking the town. We think it’s going to be very welcoming and a relaxing place for the students to congregate and study.”

Samson Construction is concentrating on getting the theater completed since that is the first area that will be returned back to the college.

The administration building and library will follow it shortly.

The project continues to be on time and on budget.

There are an average of 65 workers on this project.

The expected date of completion for the entire project is July 2019.