Western Trails Conference Wrestling Results/Highlights

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Bridgeport, NEB Six Bridgeport wrestlers end the day with conference titles in route to the Bulldogs taking the top spot in the team standings. Mitchell takes second on the day.

(NBC Nebraska Scottsbluff)

Individual Results:

106 Pounds (Top Three)
1st Place - Thomas (TC) Hughson of Mitchell
2nd Place - Matthew Johnson of Kimball
3rd Place - Wyatt Sachtjen of Hershey

113 Pounds (Top Four)
1st Place - Casey Benavides of Bridgeport
2nd Place - Gage Musser of Hershey
3rd Place - Traiton Starr of Gordon/Rushville
4th Place - Elijah Conley of Bridgeport

120 Pounds (Top Four)
1st Place - Chance Cooper of Bridgeport
2nd Place - Gabe Kohel of Morrill
3rd Place - Carsen Wilson of Hershey
4th Place - Coy Fleming of Bridgeport

126 Pounds (Top Four)
1st Place - Samuel Foster of Sutherland
2nd Place - Hadley Markowski of Mitchell
3rd Place - William Costello of Gordon/Rushville
4th Place - Keltin Vanarsdall of Hershey

132 Pounds (Top Six)
1st Place - Carter Buchheit of Hemingford
2nd Place - Jon Peterka of Sutherland
3rd Place - Damien Bell of Bridgeport
4th Place - Hunter Kildow of Bayard
5th Place - Sam Frame of Hershey
6th Place - Connor Cluff of Kimball

138 Pounds (Top Six)
1st Place - Kadin Perez of Mitchell
2nd Place - Jace Freeseman of Gordon/Rushville
3rd Place - Luke Honstein of Hemingford
4th Place - Beau Lake of Bayard
5th Place - Colton Pouk of Perkins Co
6th Place - Trey Schindler of Kimball

145 Pounds (Top Six)
1st Place - Trevor Widener of Bridgeport
2nd Place - Jake Chasek of Mitchell
3rd Place - Hunter Cook of Hershey
4th Place - Joseph Burris of Kimball
5th Place - Keagan Hitchcock of Hemingford
6th Place - Bryder Hickey of Perkins Co

152 Pounds (Top Four)
1st Place - Steven Menke of Bridgeport
2nd Place - Christian Leonard of Bayard
3rd Place - Tegan Snyder of Gordon/Rushville
4th Place - Dawson Mollender of Chase Co

160 Pounds (Top Four)
1st Place - Tyler Coleman of Hemingford
2nd Place - Conner Halverson of Gordon/Rushville
3rd Place - Caden Knutson of Mitchell
4th Place - Jeremiah Seamann of Hershey

170 Pounds (Top Four)
1st Place - Josh Warren of Bridgeport
2nd Place - Talan McGill of North Platte St Pats
3rd Place - Trendon Starr of Gordon/Rushville
4th Place - Alex Neefe of Hemingford

182 Pounds (Top Four)
1st Place - Trevor Peterson of Chase Co
2nd Place - Gavin White of Sutherland
3rd Place - Justin Schroll of North Platte St Pats
4th Place - Bryce Seier of Morrill

195 Pounds (Top Four)
1st Place - Nicholas Coley of Mitchell
2nd Place - Jake Sellman of Hemingford
3rd Place - Eric Halsted of Hershey
4th Place - Landon Nichols of North Platte St Pats

220 Pounds (Top Four)
1st Place - Brandon Knoles of Perkins Co
2nd Place - Nathan Coley of Mitchell
3rd Place - Tanner Hirsch of Bayard
4th Place - Devon McCreery of Hershey

285 Pounds (Top Four)
1st Place - Colt Rodgers of Bridgeport
2nd Place - Stephen Bateman of Kimball
3rd Place - Riley Snyder of Gordon/Rushville
4th Place - Ashton Meyer of Perkins Co