Winter storm impacting roads, I76 into Colorado closed

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - A powerful winter storm is moving across the state as we head through the day. Roads are covered with snow and ice.

Snow plows are removing several inches of snow from western Nebraska roads. (SOURCE: Jacque Harms/KNOP-TV)

Heavy accumulating snowfall and blowing snow with near-blizzard conditions at times in Colorado forced the closure of the I-76 Corridor from Nebraska to Denver.

NBC Nebraska News 2 meteorologist, Brayden Murdock, says the snow amounts are starting to add up.
7 inches: Dalton
4 inches: Arthur
2 inches: Valentine
1.5 inches: Hayes Center
5 inches: Oshkosh
1.1 inches: North Platte
8 Inches: Sidney

Winter Storm Warnings are in place across the area lasting through Tuesday evening. The combination of potentially heavy snow and strong winds will lead to blowing and drifting snow, white out conditions, and difficult and dangerous travel conditions.

The North Platte airport tells NBC Nebraska News 2, morning flights in North Platte were cancelled but afternoon flights are still scheduled to fly. An hour beforehand at 1:30 an official decision will be made on if it is safe to fly or not.

Heavy snow of 2" to 3" per hour will be possible at times. The most intense snow for our area is expected from Tuesday morning into the afternoon. As the heavy snow falls, winds will continue to increase and by the afternoon could be gusting in excess of 35 MPH. The combination of strong winds and heavy snow could lead to blizzard conditions at times. Travel will be difficult and dangerous, and if you can avoid traveling on Tuesday morning or afternoon, it would be wise to delay your travel plans.

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