Woman upset after neighbor kills dogs with shotgun, no charges filed

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HADAR, Neb. -- Kyli Kilcoin lived every dog owners worst nightmare on Saturday, when her dogs Dixie and Daisy were killed. Her family had let the two Jack Russel Terriers outside to get some fresh air, but when she went to check on them, things took a turn for the worst.

Two Jack Russell Terriers were shot and killed in northeast Nebraska. The Pierce County Sheriff says the shooter was within his legal right. (Source: News Channel Nebraska)

Kilcoin says, "I went out there and started calling 'Dixie, Daisy, Dixie, Daisy' and I heard three shots go off."

The dogs had been shot and killed by Kilcoin’s next door neighbor. A Necropsy, or autopsy for animals, revealed Daisy was shot by a shotgun in her rear, left with a wound 5 inches in diameter. Dixie’s injuries were even worse. She took two shots, leaving her with a broken jaw and a missing leg.

Before the shooting, Kilcoin said her family had a good relationship with their neighbor’s to the North, with only one major previous confrontation coming to mind.

Kilcoin explained, "Our dogs have got out one other time, and he said, 'listen my wife has had a dog bite before... if they get out again we will shoot them'."

According to Nebraska State Statute, it is legal for someone to use reasonable force, including killing, if the animal is outside the owned or rented property of its owner and is posing an immediate threat. In this case, no charges were filed. In fact, Kilcoin says the Pierce County Sheriff’s department simply told her that the shooter was acting within his rights and couldn't be held legally accountable. A truth that has been hard to swallow, considering the dogs had no history of violence, weighed 22 and 15 pounds a piece, and were a beloved part of the Kilcoin’s household.

"They were a family member. They were one of my parents kids. I don't understand how somebody can do this" says Kilcoin.

NCN reached out to both the shooter and the Hadar Attorney, but did not get any response or comment from either one. Any criminal case seems to have ended before it even started, but the Kilcoins say they do intend to pursue justice in a civil suit.

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