Schlothauer Arrested on Multiple Charges

Fri Jun 21 19:43:45 PDT 2019

Schlothauer Arrested on Multiple Charges

Class B State Boys Tennis Results

Scottsbluff, Gering, and Alliance all in day one state tennis action.

Boos and Brews Fundraiser / Ed Wards Project Class

Tickets are now on sale for the West Nebraska Arts Center's Annual Fundraiser Boos and Brews and kids between grades 7th through their senior year can sign up for Ed Wards Project Class. My guest Stephanie Coley with both of these events.

Scottsbluff High School $2.3M Grant

This grant provides competitive grants to local education agencies used to develop, enhance and expand systems for technical assistance schools for improving school climate.

Gering High School Wood Mizer Machine

Gering High School is one of three schools across the state to receive a Wood Mizer. This machine is used to cut up logs and trees; turning them into slabs of lumber.

Wanted Man

The Torrington Police Department made an announcement on Facebook warning residents to be on the lookout for a man by the name of Robert M Crowell.


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