Science on Screen; Lives of Cows and Cowboys

Wed Jan 29 11:36:32 PST 2020

Science on Screen; Lives of Cows and Cowboys

This science on screen film features the art of ranching and the cowboy life. My guests Jeff Bradshaw and Mitchell Stephenson to talk about Science on Screen: Lives of Cows and Cowboys.

Western Nebraska Community College Job & Internship Fair

If you live in the community and currently searching for employment or interested in a new career path, our Western Nebraska Community College is hosting a Job and Internship Fair in exactly two weeks from today. My guest Mai Lee Olsen with more.

Chadron Museum Accepting World War II Artifacts

This museum is accepting copies of photographs involving local men and women in uniform who served in WWII and copies of letters sent home from them.

Exercising for Free in Kimball

At Main Street Market, 12 laps around gives you a mile. At Kimball Health Services, eight trips will provide you the same.

Midwest Theater Receives $2,000

The Friends of the Midwest Theater has been awarded a Nebraska Touring Program $2,000 grant by the Nebraska Arts Council to support the upcoming performances and residency activities.

Gering Seniors Create New School App

On this app, you can check out information happening in the elementary, preschool, junior high, freshman academy and high schools across Gering. This layout is very similar to the one Scottsbluff utilizes.

Bowen's Body Bars: Girls Day Out

Enjoy a girls day out at the Gering Civic Center this Saturday 9am-3pm.


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