Kit Evening Forecast 10pm

Apollo 11 EVA video ahead of main weather forecast.

Ending full August weekends with lots to do

Summer's not over yet, and this weekend is full of great activities. We have some ideas in our Working for the Weekend feature.

Travis' Thursday Morning Forecast

Clouds and fog welcome us to our morning. A lot of cool late August temperatures on the way with some more chances for thunderstorms in the forecast. I'll take you through these final 10 days of August, so come along for the ride.

YWCA set to launch Free Dinner Program

YWCA Executive Director Laura Stutte joined Spencer Schubert this week to talk about the upcoming free dinner program the Y will be offering.

Hail destroys Urwiller Melon Patch

An overnight storm wiped out the melon crop of the Urwiller Melon Patch.

GICC 2019 Football Preview

GICC 2019 Football Preview

HCVB: Corban - 3, Hastings College - 2

HCVB: Corban - 3, Hastings College - 2


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