Travis' Tuesday Morning Forecast

Travis' Tuesday Morning Forecast

Warm sunshine is expected today, but the good news is that today will not be as humid as it has been recently. While most of us will see a dry day, there are several rain chances in our forecast. More details can be found here.

Bill Marshall Volleyball Classic: High School

Highlights and scores from the high school volleyball action at the Bill Marshall Volleyball Classic.

Bill Marshall Volleyball Classic: Hastings College

The Broncos finish the Bill Marshall Volleyball Classic 0-3. All three losses came against top 25 teams.

Kit live at Sate Fair

Kit gives the forecast from the Nebraska State Fair!

Doniphan cleanup 6pm

Sandbagging in Doniphan after extensive flooding threatens homes.

Doniphan Cleanup 5pm

Doniphan is sandbagging to prevent waters from the Amick Acres intruding into homes.


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